Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Class promotion

Tomorrow, 7th August, I'll be teaching a class different than usual!

It will be a foundation class, to explore all muscles and joints of the body, understand how they work, physically touch them to initiate a new relationship with your body... on the deepening of that relationship we'll work on all next classes!

It won't be focused on poses or vinyasa, we'll really take our time to feel the body, to gently massage it, we'll try to create a new channel to communicate with it!

We'll start with some breathing, to learn how to breath efficiently (breath and mood and energy levels are strictly interconnected!) and finish with a long guided relaxation... yes, to learn how to relax, pure utopia for many of us!!!

It will be the best class for beginners but also for more advanced students... back to basics is always a good way to improve!

This class will be 2 hours long, there's a full body to deal with!

It will be in Brick Lane area in Heneage Street 16-18, postcode E15LJ, 2 hours class for 12 pounds, start at 19 (so try to be there some minutes before!), if you like bring your yoga mat but we have enough on site!

You can pop in or give me a confirmation texting or calling me at 07404675553

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